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Dear Candy Crusher,

Over 46 MILLION people — just like you and me — play Candy Crush every month!

It’s an addictive, worldwide sensation.cardgal

But there are two BIG problems…

The first problem is the COST!

In-game purchases for add-ons such as extra lives, boosters, and level access can QUICKLY ADD UP!

In fact, there are reports in the news where people have spent HUNDREDS of dollars in a SINGLE WEEK. (And with over 710 levels, the costs can SKYROCKET!)


Second, Candy Crush can often be FRUSTRATING to play! I can’t count The number of times I’ve been stuck on a level and couldn’t seem to advance.

The thing is…


But I don’t love CONTINUALLY paying money and struggling to advance through the levels.

In short… I wanted to learn to play like the experts. ipad

So I did something about it…

I asked questions.

I spied.

I researched.

And, finally…

I tracked down a top Candy Crush expert (let’s call him Mr. X). He’s a gaming “addict” who has reached level 710… and, amazingly, he did it WITHOUT spending a cent.

After some serious prodding, I convinced Mr. X to reveal ALL his best strategies, tips, and tricks. In other words, HIS VERY BEST SECRETS… with NOTHING HELD BACK.

The result of all this effort is our NEW exclusive Candy Crush guide… Crush The Candy.

It’s NOT an “e-book.” Instead, it’s a video tutorial with specific sections about various secrets & strategies for the game. And it’s written by full-on EXPERTS of the game (including the mysterious Mr. X).

Crush The Candy will show you how to rapidly progress through even the most difficult levels of the game… and, best of all, you can do it without EVER having to pay for upgrades.

For example, you’ll discover our top-secret way of getting UNLIMITED LIVES, UNLIMITED MOVES, UNLIMITED BOOSTERS, UNLIMITED LOLLYPOP, UNLIMITED SWEET TEETH and other important items. So you’ll never have to worry about running out of lives or being blocked from playing for set periods of time.

Without these secrets, you could find yourself stuck at various levels for hours, days… or even weeks. Crush The Candy

But why go through all that?

We’ll turn YOU into an expert “Candy Crusher”… in record time!

We teach the step-by-step tips, tricks, and “hidden gems” used by top players. Having this info will help you improve your overall gaming experience — so you can have more FUN!

We have the knowledge you need to feed your Candy Crush addiction… so join us today!


Crush The Candy provides the newest, best, and most complete secrets and strategies available. It’s an entire video tutorial where you can learn, share, and have fun.

You’ll discover how to SAVE…

    • Money: The cost of lives, boosters, and level access can really add up — especially in a game with OVER 710 levels.
    • Time: Stop struggling for hours on end. With our guide, you can be leveling quickly… just like the experts.
    • Effort: Discover how experts manage to breeze — almost effortlessly — through the levels.

The bad news is that right now, you’re missing out on all the fun!

Our online package helps you end your frustration and enjoy the game. We have the most current techniques that experts are using to CRUSH IT right now…

Header4OK… here’s a sample what you’ll find in our Package: New techniques, unspoken tactics, and secret methods that will help you dominate the game. (We’re revealing EVERYTHING you need to know to CRUSH IT. Nothing will be held back. You get it all… even our very best stuff) how to become a Candy Crush “Rock Star” and impress your friends. They’ll envy your skill and beg you to teach them your secrets. (Hint: Candy Crush is MORE fun when you’re AWESOME at it!)

How to practically “fly” through the levels… and get to the top quickly and easily. (You’ll be able to get directly to the top… and complete levels you’re currently stuck on in just minutes.)

How to advance farther, faster… and with less effort. (With our help, you can become a Candy Crush MASTER and go from zero to hero… in no time flat.)

Discover “hidden” secrets and strategies that even our competitors don’t know about… and then put them to use IMMEDIATELY. (Crush The Candy teaches you “unheard of” tactics that aren’t published anywhere else online.)

Learn 100% LEGAL & SAFE techniques that are PROVEN & TESTED. There’s no fluff or filler… you’ll learn what REALLY WORKS. (Important: Our methods DO NOT involve “jailbreaking” or “Root”… which can void the warranty of your device.)

Discover how to improve your game play RAPIDLY. You’ll learn it and then put it to use with ease. (Hey, if you’re going to play the game, you might as well play it like a PRO… instead of an AMATEUR.)

And MUCH, much more!

Just imagine leveling up with the skill of a Gaming Master… quickly… easily… and without EVER paying another cent for add-ons. That’s what Crush The Candy is all about!

Millions of people play Candy Crush… but only a few are EXPERTS. Will you be one of them? (If you join Crush The Candy, you could be. We’ll teach you how!)


  • Question: Do the strategies and tactics taught involve “hacking” or “jailbreaking” your device?

    NO, they do not. Everything we teach is 100% legit. There’s no nonsense or “black hat” stuff involved.

  • Question: Why is your guide a good value?

    Crush The Candy provides advice from EXPERTS. We don’t teach theory. We show you what really works. Instead of selling you a useless e-book, we provide ongoing, LIFETIME access for UNMATCHED value.

    In addition, our Private Facebook Group lets you learn, share, and interact with other members.

    The fact of the matter is that you could spend a small fortune buying lives, boosters, and level access — but we show you how to do it for FREE. Our guide essentially PAYS FOR ITSELF.

  • Question: Isn’t this information available for free online?

    NO. We provide ORIGINAL fresh content written by Mr. X and other top experts. We reveal everything you need to know to fly through the levels.

    If you give Crush The Candy a try, you’ll be glad you did. And if you’re not, you’ll get a NO-HASSLE REFUND. So what have you got to lose?

  • Question: Can I access your site from a cell phone?

    YES. Crush The Candy can be accessed on any PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, or smartphone.

Header7Take a look at the screen shots below. Mr. X will teach you his BEST TRICKS.

For example…

Candy Crush Saga Hackguarantee


If you act now, you can get LIFETIME access to Crush The Candy for a ONE-TIME small payment of just $5.99. Most other sites charge a MONTHLY FEE — but NOT us.

With Crush The Candy, there are NO costly, hidden “upsells.” There’s nothing extra to buy in order to get our very best secrets. You get EVERYTHING for one low price. It’s a GREAT VALUE… potentially SAVING YOU A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY ON UPGRADES.

You know you’re going to keep playing Candy Crush, right? So you might as well learn to play for FREE instead of continuing to pay!

Think of the money you’ll save…

  • A pack of 5 lives cost $0.99
  • A pack of 3 wrapped and striped candies cost $1.99
  • A pack of 3 coconut wheels cost $4.49.


If you bought all those things for just 1 level, it would cost you over $7… and there are now over 710 levels of Candy Crush! Plus… on top of that, there are also “power-ups” that cost between $16.99 and $39.99. It all adds up!

Many Candy Crush sites sell you an e-book and then LEAVE YOU ON YOUR OWN to figure things out!

But Crush The Candy provides LIFETIME ACCESS to our Private Facebook Group where the materials are updated as the game grows and changes.

If you’re serious about succeeding at Candy Crush, we can help you. But you must TAKE ACTION!

Ask yourself these TWO simple questions…

    • Are you sick and tired of the frustration caused by being stuck on certain levels?
    • Are you bleeding your bank account dry by paying for extra lives, boosters, and level access?

If so, then Crush The Candy is YOUR solution!

Why suffer from frustration when you could be leveling like a PRO and getting so much more enjoyment out of the game?


Here’s the bottom line: You can continue to struggle… or you can transform yourself into a Candy Crush “Rock Star.” So order now!

To place your order — anytime 24/7 — click the ‘Add To Cart‘ button below. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to our Video Tutorial, our Top Secret Guide, and Private Facebook Group for the small price of $6.99 one time only. Its limited time offer, Offer will expires soon. So Hurry…. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Market Linkers.


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